Hello everyone!  Well we are back to a normal (and less chaotic) schedule!  Phew!  My whole world shifts out of balance when my husband has to travel... and that was even with my mom's help since she is still visiting!!  It makes me laugh because I can't even remember how I survived the time he was gone for six months and our son was only an infant!! 

Last night I was doing some research about old folklore and superstitions when it comes to the house and home... and I came across the Farmer's Almanac.  Now I knew that the Almanac was something farmers followed back in the day... it told them when the best time was to plant specific items, when to harvest, and when to complete other tasks on the farm using mainly the phases of the moon.  I came across two different websites... Almanac and Farmers Almanac and as I was perusing them I fell in love with what I was seeing and decided that the Almanac was something we would begin to follow as well... now and when we have our mini farm!  For example... according to the Farmers Almanac... today is a great day to potty train, jar jams and jellies, wash wooden floors, plant below ground crops and more!

I absolutely love all things old and mysterious... and to me there's NOTHING more magickal than following the moon's phases and Mother Nature to guide you... especially when you are doing something that is in such harmony with those two things such as gardening and farming. 

So check out the two websites above and you'll find some awesome information about gardening, farming, weather, recipes and more!  I'm going to try and add "Best Days" to my sidebar because I just think it's so neat!!

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Made From Scratch
7/18/2011 02:14:12 am

Well I hope they are right about the potty training since we chose yesterday and today to really focus on it. Boy Deere like the potty but hates the underwear.

7/18/2011 04:29:01 am

:) Good Luck! We aren't quite ready yet but will be soon I hope!


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