A lot has been weighing on my mind lately... There are many things we as a family are dealing with like many families are during these times.  I have been looking forward to the future a lot... thinking about when we will have more money, when we will move into our next rental home, when we will be able to buy our land, etc.  Let me caution you... while daydreaming is okay now and then...spending a lot of time wishing you had things that you don't can be dangerous.  I have found myself down in the dumps lately and I have discovered this is the reason why.  I need to wake up and realize that I have so many beautiful things right in front of me right now.  Sure times are hard but things could always be worse... and the one thing that we all have to remember is... There is someone out there right now wishing they had the life you did.  There is someone out there who would give anything to be in my place, even with all the "troubles" I may have.  This definitely puts things in perspective doesn't it?

Another bad habit I've gotten into is "waiting".  When we moved here we knew we would be in our current rental home for only a year because we had to choose it over the internet and weren't able to check the area out before moving here.  Luckily the area has been great and we are very happy here but we still have to move at the end of our lease because we are doing everything we can to save money and we need to find a place where rent is a bit less expensive.  So in knowing that we will not be here for long I chose to only unpack the essentials... I have no pictures hanging, and nothing is really decorated.  Well we have seven months left here in this place before we move and I think I'm going to start hanging some pictures.  I realized last night that I'm wasting the opportunity to create memories just because I don't want to do a little extra work at the end of our lease patching up holes in the walls.  I realized how silly this is and half of why I've been feeling gloomy lately is probably due to the fact that I am making my family WAIT to feel as though they are HOME.  I'm choosing not to wait anymore... because especially on a day like today, where too many people know all to well... that if you wait for tomorrow... it may never come.
So here's to wanting what you have and making holes in walls.  Here's to changing the way I say... "We only have SEVEN months left." to "We ONLY have seven months left?!"... Did you catch the tone change?  And here's to a little elbow grease at the end of it all to get this rental ready for the next family who will call it HOME.

~ Be Magickal!
And here's to my husband's battle buddies that he lost in Iraq...

In Memory Of
SSG Brooks
SGT Hernandez
SPC Gudino
PFC Christensen
SPC Yahudah
SPC Carrillo
SSG Booker
SGT Garcia
SGT Morris
CPL Brown
SSG Hubbell
SPC Pena

5/30/2011 04:50:01 am

I am glad that things are going to start changing for you! Have fun making a home!

5/30/2011 09:27:35 am

Thanks Kayla!


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