Does everyone know how important it is to drink water daily?  Of course we do.... but do we drink enough?  Nope... Why is it just so darn difficult to drink enough water on a daily basis?  I think it's because of the fact that are told we have to drink a specific number of ounces.  Well I think I found a way to make it easier for me because I truly do believe it is important and can solve many common ailments.  Headaches, dryness, fatigue, mood... These are all symptoms that I feel when I do not drink enough water daily.  So my solution is my cute pink polka dot acrylic reusable cup and straw!  It's adorable first of all and very fun so I'll be anxious to fill it and use it all the time... already it's done it's magic, for I drank 52 ounces of water from it today!  So make sure you drink your water and who knows how much better you'll start to feel!

~ Be Magical!

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