My husband has always wanted a map to pinpoint where he's been in the world.  Well he finally got one for Christmas and we had a great time pinning where in the world we've been individually and together.  But then I started to think about our son and how he's already been to a few states... so the three of us went in search of something we could use on his own little map to mark where he's been.  Of course pins are out of the question so we had stickers in mind... Well... we found the most perfect combination!  Sticker push pins!!!!!
So we had lots of fun explaining to our son that we were going to put a sticker on each state that he's been to.  Of course he's only two so he might not have exactly grasped the concept but he can point out California, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and DC when you ask him where they are so it's definitely doing something!!  To find the stickers we went to one of those awesome teacher stores with tons of student supplies.  We could have stayed in there for hours!  But here is the result!
We can't believe our little man has already been to SIX states!!!  Wow!!
And here's Mommy and Daddy's just for fun!
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