Every single dog bed that we've ever purchased has been great as far as our dog's comfort.  But even though they all say "removable and washable cover"... I've never found a dog bed that I could really clean.  Frankly I find it IMPOSSIBLE to remove the hair from the dog beds even with a vacuum.  And unless I can remove all the hair from those covers I would most certainly not put one in my washing machine.  

So... I was in search of something that would last a long time, not weave in the hair that my dog leaves into it's fabric, and not retain that pet odor that accumulates no matter how clean you keep your pets.  I had several things on my mind and I was about ready to go purchase some things to make my very own dog bed.  Then suddenly... I thought of the best solution ever!! A CRIB MATTRESS!!!!! Get the cheapest crib mattress you can find... throw a $1.99 thrift store sheet over it and throw that sucker on the floor for your pet!  

This is absolutely the best dog bed I could imagine... it's comfortable... it's INCREDIBLY clean because I can just spray it down and wipe it, a sheet is MUCH easier to get hair off of and if not... I can just grab another one from the thrift store!  I just did all of this today and so far she's been on it for the past two hours... I think she approves!  Here are some pictures... I just threw it down quickly because I wanted to see if she'd even use it so I'll probably take that sheet and sew it to make it fitted and somehow spruce it up a bit but she looks comfy does she not?
When I saw here in this position below... I knew it was a keeper. :) 

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