He not only thinks of me but also of my family...

The card read...

"Our son has the best mom, grandma, and auntie in the world. Our son and I are so lucky to have you all in our lives."
He is 100% trustworthy.
He recognizes when I work extra hard with cleaning the house and always tells me I work so hard. :)
He is always ready to sit down and communicate with me... not matter the topic.
He plays with our son... On the floor, with toys, full attention type playing... He is awesome.
He loves spending time with us.  If he has a free moment... he wants to spend it with us.
He does fun things with me even if he's tired from work... If I want to go driving around, shopping, etc... He is happy to go with me and make it a family outing. 
He tries so hard to make me happy.
He is an AMAZING Father!
Of all his accomplishments... He is SO smart and excels at everything he does.  Congratulations baby on your most recent accomplishment.  I am SO proud of you!  

    I Love My Husband Because...

    Here I will list all the reasons I love my husband and why I chose to marry him...