Vegetable oil 
1 yellow onion diced
20 (or so) corn tortillas chopped 
1 28 oz. can of Las Palmas Green Chile Sauce
1 package of shredded cheese of your preference (I like to use the fiesta style mix)

In a large skillet warm up a good amount of oil over medium high heat.  Once the oil is ready you can begin putting about a handful or so (depending on how large of a skillet you are using) of the chopped corn tortillas in the skillet.  Make sure to keep your distance and be careful of oil popping out at you.  As long as your tortillas and the utensils you are using are dry you shouldn't have a problem.  With tongs continue to check the tortillas and remove them from the oil once they get slightly crispy... remember we're not making tortilla chips... you just want a little bit of a crispy texture to them.  Have a large oven proof casserole dish on hand and transfer the corn tortillas from the oil to the dish.  Continue doing this until all the tortillas are done.  You might need to add more oil and I like to put a little dash of salt on the tortillas after each transfer...when they are OUT of the oil.  

Once the tortillas are done you will want to distribute almost all of the cheese throughout the casserole dish, make sure to leave enough cheese to top it off.  Use your tongs to make sure the cheese gets distributed evenly.  Next open your can of Las Palmas and even pour over your casserole, after the can is empty I like to give a good shake to the dish to make sure the sauce seeps down into all the little spaces and holes.  Top it off with cheese and pop the dish in to a 425 degree oven for about 20 minutes and ENJOY!  (ps... I like to top each serving off with shredded lettuce and a dollop of sour cream!)