This something my mother always used to make... I'll have to tweak my recipe once I find out exactly what she did but for now it was quite delicious.

2 eggs scrambled
3 cups of cooked rice (amount varies)
1 cup of cooked peas
3 spring onions chopped
1 cup cooked ham chopped (optional)
Soy Sauce to taste

Heat a bit of oil in the wok and add your cooked rice and toss on medium heat.  Add the rest of the ingredients, except the soy sauce, stirring until well blended.  Then add your soy sauce a little bit at a time giving it color and tasting as you go until you are happy with the flavor.  

*Note... I think this would turn out even better if I used peanut oil and dash of sesame seed oil in the end.  These are true flavors of Asian dishes and I know I love 'em!  But if all you have on hand is vegetable oil... that's fine too!

*Update! I made this again this week and added sesame seed oil to the vegetable oil I was already using plus continued to add the sesame seed oil throughout the process of adding the rest of the ingredients... MMmmmm!  It turned out SUPER delicious!! :D  Oh!  And get the sesame seed oil from the Asian section in your food mart... the one sitting next to the olive oil's is way more expensive!