So Daddy and I were craving a good ol' fashioned tuna melt... one like we used to have at a soda shop called Swensen's back home.  Now I've never read a recipe for a tuna melt and I've never made it before today... but my taste buds did not argue with what I came up with.  Here's what I threw together and aside from missing some hot delicious shoe string fries like Swensen's serves, it was perfection!

Sourdough sliced bread
1 Albacore Tuna in water 12 oz can drained
1 heaping tablespoon of mayonnaise (any kind will do... Kraft, Miracle, Vegan)
3 level tablespoons of Sweet Relish
Dash of salt
Dash of pepper
Shredded Cheddar cheese
Tomato slices

Heat a dry skillet to Medium/Medium Low.  In a medium bowl empty the drained tuna and combine with mayo, relish, salt and pepper.  Butter one side of all four slices of bread (for two sandwiches).  On the dry sides of two slices I layer the tuna mixture, cheese, and top it off with a couple slices of tomato.  Close it up with another slice of bread (dry side down) and plop it onto the hot skillet.  After about 2 minutes, carefully flip the melt to it's other side... make sure it toasts up nice and make sure all the cheese is melty and gooey....  Serve with shoe string fries if you can... otherwise BBQ chips are a nice touch as well.  Enjoy!!!

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