Okay so we didn't get our usual newsletter with our delivery this week so there is one thing I'm not quite sure of... it's the leafy green you see at the top right.  It looks very similar to spinach but I don't think it is.  We also received broccoli, which I have an awesome recipe for and can't wait to use it... and Kohlrabi... it's similar to turnips I believe.  Can't wait to try that!

As soon as we receive our newsletter I'll make sure to post more details!


06/02/2011 09:16

I really like kohlrabi. My favorite way to eat it is with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and then I throw it on the grill. I am not sure about your greens there. Taste a little bit and see if you there are any clues in the taste.


Thanks! I'll definitely have to try the greens and figure it out. That sounds great for the kohlrabi... Which part do you use on the grill? The whole thing or just the roots?

06/03/2011 10:05

I just put the roots on the grill. I have never ate the greens. I feed them to my chicks. I am sure you can eat them though.

06/03/2011 10:09

Also are you going to be posting your recipe for the anchovy pasta with broccoli? I am going to have a ton of broccoli to use up in the next couple of weeks.

L Olson
07/08/2011 11:33

I just slice up the kohlrabi and eat with dressing - yum! Otherwise sliced onto salads is another good way. We were told it's in the radish family... ?


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