They didn't deliver to us on Monday because we had some pretty heavy rainfall and they didn't want to harvest any of the veggies on Monday morning because they said they wouldn't be at their best quality.  So I was able to bring my veggies home from the farm today!  In our share we received corn, green onions, beets, and new potatoes!

I love beets and can't wait to do some yummy stuff with those and of course the corn as you know from my main post is DELICIOUS!!  I'm tempted to go grab one right now even though it's 11pm! 


06/29/2011 05:34

The veggies always look lovely. We are getting peas, green beans, lettuce, radishes and new potatoes at the moment. When we start getting beets I will have to find a way to discreetly send them your way. My mil just won't get the hint I do not like them! I have only had them pickled though. Yuck!! How do you eat them?

L Olson
07/08/2011 11:35

We got some lovely beets in our CSA last week, but only a small bunch. I was going to saute them with the greens and some onions - yum! I have made beet soup in the past (http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/beet-soup/detail.aspx) and hubby simply loved it! It makes a pretty neat fuschia color.


PF~ We like to have them in salads but I was also thinking of trying this recipe I found for Beet Pancakes! If you can believe it... I'll let you know if the little man likes them! LOL!

L~oooh I like the idea of beet soup... if only just to look at it! :D


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