Today from our CSA we received more spring onions and radishes, some beautiful Romaine lettuce and a transplant of chives!

Tonight we made a delicious stir fried rice with our delicious green onions... Tomorrow I think I'lll make a Romaine salad for after dinner.  

I think with the radishes this week I'm going to try making some radish butter that I recently hear of... I'll give it a try and if it turns out yummy I'll post the recipe!

Last week my radishes spoiled a little bit too quickly for me... I must not have been the only member who this happened to because in our CSA newsletter that we receive with each delivery, it stated to cut off the tops of radishes and store the radishes in water in the refrigerator!  We'll see if it works!

Oh... and did you know you can eat radish greens?  I sauteed some up for my husband last week in just a bit of garlic oil, added a bit of salt and pepper and he LOVED them!  So we'll be doing that again this week.  I've also read that you can throw radish greens into your smoothie for an extra boost of vitamins!  Whatever you do... just don't throw them away... Eat 'em up! :)


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