Wow... I feel like I've accomplished so much in these past couple of days... I took spring cleaning pretty seriously on February 2nd and did a lot in my house that day.  If you've been a reader of my blog for a while you know that one of my biggest faults is not being able to get on a proper cleaning schedule and keeping this house of mine clean.  I've always been one to rush and clean like mad for an entire day if someone was supposed to be coming over the next.  I'm the type of person who doesn't answer my doorbell because it might be someone who expects to come in... well I don't answer my door for safety reasons as well while my husband is not here but I'd be lying if I said it was the ONLY reason. 

So... I discovered today why it is such and EXCELLENT thing to have a clean household.  Here is my mini story of what happened today.  Well let me start with a few days ago... My husband and I had been noticing a strange noise coming from our heater and he suggested calling our landlord just to be sure everything was working properly.  I of course said no way because I would be too embarrassed for him to walk into our home with as messy as it was and I certainly did not have the time or energy to clean it up to par.  Well then came February 2nd and with all my research I had done, I became inspired and began cleaning my home.  Because I was doing it for more spiritual reasons... it felt good and became effortless... and what started out as a one room goal became the whole household.  I sat down at the end of the day, lit some candles, opened up all my windows and reveled in my accomplishments. 

Well today... of course my entire routine was flawless because of the cleaning I had done before.  There was no baby crying because I was focusing on washing dishes instead of paying attention to him, there was no annoyance or short temper due to not being able to find something or tripping over another, the day was going perfectly and I had set my timer for three separate ten minute tidy up sessions through out the day so I could stay on top of what was now a beautiful home.  Well... at about one o'clock pm... a loud and very dangerous noise came from our heater... even worse than before.  There was nothing that was going to stop me from calling our landlord and asking him to come check it out.  Once I did... I frantically looked around ready to battle whatever mess needed to be tackled in order for me to feel comfortable letting someone into the house... and you know what... I found nothing.  Even though I spent the ENTIRE day before cleaning I was shocked that I didn't need to do anything in preparation for someone coming over.  And it was right then and there that I felt something change inside of me... I truly do not think I will ever let my home get out of line ever again.  Don't get me wrong... there was a dirty glass and plate in the sink and the floor had a couple of muddy paw prints that needed to be wiped up from my pup... but the house was clean and presentable and ready to accept guests.  It felt AMAZING!

So this definitely a reflection that I needed and felt obligated to share... If you are currently like I was just a few days ago... unable to have someone come over... making up excuses because you knew your house wasn't presentable... stop everything you're doing and start cleaning now!  Throw things away, give things away, clean that kitchen!!!  It is just a matter of WILL and you have that will inside of you!  Not to mention it' could come down to safety!  Had I not called our landlord over today who completely repaired our heater, who knows what would have happened!  There are plenty of resources online, heck even email me if you want a few pointers and tips, although I am in no way a cleaning professional and I'm only in the beginning stages of this internal makeover myself.  But however you do it... it will be WORTH IT!!!  Spring Clean your home and you will be spring cleaning your soul as well!
I don't have any pictures to share but please visit my friend's blog... Have you ever felt guilty for something you did as a parent?  Take a look at Written Creations for some real parent confessions and realize you're not the only one! Oh... and Happy February First!