Well... for those of you who didn't see my Facebook status update... Our dryer broke!  It broke once before last year and the amount of money it took to fix it combined with the amount it would take this time (because I'm pretty sure it's the same issue) would pay for most of the cost of a new dryer!  So... I'm holding out for a new one and I won't be calling anyone in to fix the one we have now.  

So with that said... I've sort of been thrown into the deep end with line drying our clothes.  All last week it rained... so we had to hang a line in our house! LOL... it worked quite well actually and that's how we dried our clothes when it rained for five days straight.  But today we have warmth and sunshine!  I've already hung a couple of loads outside on the line and they dried so quickly!!  In fact I told my mom (who is visiting right now) that I think line drying sheets might be faster and more effective that drying them in a dryer!  They don't wad up into balls keeping the center wet and no wrinkles!!  

As it warmed up throughout the day today though I did take notice to little gnat like bugs on my baby's clothes when I went to take them off the line.  This doesn't really bug me (no pun intended)... just a few shakes and they came right off.  With bigger items like sheets I noticed it was a bit easier to shake them while they are still on the line to get anything off and then just a small shake once I take them off.  I will admit I was a bit paranoid about bringing bugs into the house that I turned all the clothes inside out and back again with a few shakes just to be sure they were all gone. :) 

So anyway... I'm loving it so far.  And not having a dryer hasn't been a problem whatsoever!  Maybe I'll get a new one just before winter rolls around!  Until then though... I'm having a great time hanging my clothes out to dry! 
3/24/2012 10:44:11 am

That's how we got our clothesline too! If you get a new drier and are on a budget, we've purchased reconditioned ones-from a shop we know in town and had no problems. This year we got lucky and friends had rental property with an extra washer/dryer and gave them to us! They didn't want anything for them. I had wash out on the line the other day when a huge rain/hail storm blew up. I had to close windows and door on two floors before I could get to the line! LOL>

3/25/2012 12:24:35 am

Hi Kathy! Thanks for visiting! Yeah that's a very good idea and we probably will look for reconditioned ones! Thanks! Call me crazy but doesn't it make for a little bit of excitement to try and rush out and grab the clothes off the line when a storm is a'brewin! LOL! All last week it rained here and I would check out the forecast and hang some clothes out for an hour or two before the rain would come and I'd always see the darkness overcome the house and I'd rush out and grab them just in time! :)


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