My husband and I were talking the other day about how even though we want to live out in the country and have a mini farm and be fairly self sustainable... we don't plan on giving up the part of us who loves wine, fine dining and entertaining guests.  In fact... when the time comes that we have our farm we plan on going all out for our friends and family and we'll do it farm style!

I think that growing your own food is reason enough to celebrate and share with friends and family what you can bring to the table.  Although we plan on hosting many dinner parties at our home we were thinking that an annual celebration is necessary.  Not wanting to interfere with many friends who already host annual parties for holidays such as Independence Day and New Years we are thinking of what would best fit us.  We are considering many options... but whatever time of year we choose... we will be celebrating the earth and all it's bounty.  There will be music, dancing, wine and much more... fun for the young and the young at heart. 

You know what... as I'm typing this I swear I once had a dream about what I'm imagining.  Funny how dreams seem to know what you want before you do isn't it?

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