That's what I was doing this morning!  Dancing around the kitchen FULL of joy!  For the first time ever I decided to make a batch of homemade whole wheat pancakes.  I knew it was going to be a long stretch trying to get my 17 month old to eat them, but I really wanted the toaster waffles to take a back seat to his morning breakfast routine.  Mind you they are whole grain, organic, very healthy toaster waffles but still... they are toaster waffles.  So... I did a quick search for pancake recipes, got a general idea of what to use and came up with my own recipe. 

The joy came when I cut one up into bite size pieces and put it front of my son in his high chair... he stared at them for a bit unsure of what he wanted to do exactly.  And then all of the sudden, it was as if one of the long straps of my apron twirled around me and floated up towards his tray pushing his plate just an inch close saying, "go ahead..." he grabs one and puts it directly in his mouth without hesitating!  He proceeded to eat two whole pancakes as if they were what he is used to eating every single day!  I could barely contain my excitement!

The excitement continued through lunch... Grandma, baby and I went to Whole Foods for a few quick essentials and decided to grab some lunch.  We filled up a plate from the salad bar with a few things we thought my son would like.  When I came across the falafel I said... why not.  Well... he gobbled it up like a pro!  "Where's the tzatziki sauce!?" he said.... Okay not really, but he sure did enjoy it and his falafel loving parents are quite proud.  Talk about magic being in the air!!

I'm SO excited for tomorrow.  We will be going to a Eat Local & Organic Expo, where they will have a mini farmers market with early season crops and workshops on buying, canning and cooking local and organic ingredients.  I'm hoping we get to meet the farm we signed with for our CSA and we might even bring home a few goodies!  I'll definitely be taking pics! 

~ Be Magical!

Have fun at the farmers Expo!
4/2/2011 01:49:31 am

hope you're having a blast at the farmers expo! Love the website!


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