First and foremost I must say that what I'm about to write is strictly my opinion on the information I've found... I encourage you to do your own research and make an informed and educated decision on what products you choose to use.

I am...or I should say "was"... a buyer of California Baby products and have been since my son was born two years ago... I made the choice to buy their products because they offered body wash and lotions made with minimal ingredients non of which included chemicals.  Today I found out through a chat room that California Baby has changed their ingredients to include sodium benzoate & glucoonolactone.  According to consumers... babies are breaking out into welts and rashes and didn't understand until they discovered the change in ingredients.

Now you may look at those ingredients and say to yourself... I'm fine with that.  And that's perfectly okay.  My point is I just want you to be INFORMED.  And even if the ingredients don't sound that bad... the real test is whether or not the child will have an adverse reaction.  Most of the time... when a parent is buying California Baby products it is because their baby's skin is very sensitive like my son's.... and I personally am not willing to test it out on him.  The more we educate ourselves the safer our children are.

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