As I've mentioned more than once before... money is very tight for us at the moment.  This is due to several reasons... mostly medical.  Our goal right now is to save a certain amount for emergencies so we won't be left to reach for credit cards in case something happens.  If you've heard of Dave Ramsey then this probably sounds familiar to you.  It's his first step to becoming debt free... saving up an emergency fund.  This fund is not building as quickly as my husband and I would like so today we decided we need to take action and just make it happen... We will do what we must. 

Our community is holding a neighborhood garage sale soon and we both thought it would be the perfect opportunity.  We will be trying to sell things we no longer want... and things we no longer need.  We are very motivated to make this happen... We will be sad to see a few things go but we know that in the long run we will look back and know we made the right decision.

So this weekend we'll be doing sort of a late spring cleaning... setting aside everything we might be able to sell.  Hey at least it'll make our move at the end of the year a bit lighter!

~ Be Magickal!

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