So I'm not sure I ever shared with you what exactly we are looking forward to when we get some land.  The number one thing we want to have on our mini farm, besides chickens of course, are Alpacas!!!  We fell in love when we first discovered Alpacas and decided that we want to start out with about three and spin their fiber into yarn!

It's nothing we are hoping to make a profit out of... it's just something we want to do for the love of doing it!  Yesterday my husband and I did some research on local Alpaca farms near us and we discovered a handful!  He called one of them today and left a message and our hopes are that we can volunteer there so we can learn as much as possible so that we are better equipped with knowledge and confidence to own Alpacas one day!

If you are like me and are only in the dreaming stages of owning your mini farm or homestead... how much are you doing to learn more about the things you love?  Even if you feel you'll NEVER own a piece of land to own livestock... there is no reason why you can't go and volunteer on a farm that raises what you have an interest or passion in.  Most of the time farmers are more than happy to educate and accept a helping hand!  Why wait another day to start living part of your dream?  Start making the magick happen NOW!
4/4/2012 09:22:58 pm

I can't wait to have alpacas either. We have a little more than one acre but I know that we could squeeze a few of these lovies in. :)

Linda Leigh @ My Magick Apron
4/5/2012 06:52:26 am

Oh how fun!! When are you guys thinking of adding them to your family? Where part of the country are you in? Are you able to volunteer at an Alpaca farm nearby? I'm so envious that you have your acre... I read that you can have up to 10 Alpacas to one acre so you're all set! That is so wonderful!! Thanks for reading! <3

4/5/2012 07:12:02 am

I don't think we'll add them for a few years. There is an alpaca farm about 15 minutes from us and I've already been there to ask if we could volunteer in taking care of them a few days a week. They were thrilled.

We'll probably get goats and emus before we get alpacas.

Linda Leigh @ My Magick Apron
4/5/2012 07:39:58 am

Whoo hoo for volunteering a few times a week!! I don't have one that close to me so we can't volunteer that often (gas money would be the main reason) but we're definitely going to go a few times a month I hope... Still waiting on their call back!

I can't wait till you get goats! I have to do some research on emus... The first time I've heard of them are when you and Tamatha were talking about it over on A Flock in the City. Now I'm curious!!

4/5/2012 08:29:54 am

Emus are very cool. I really hope we'll get them before even the goats, but since they don't produce milk LOL we'll most likely start with an animal that does.

That will probably be the largest animal we have here. We do want to get some cows, goats, angora goats, straight hair big horn sheep, and maybe some pigs...but everything needs to be compact and mini sized (except the sheep). We are also very tempted to buy a few more acres of land right near our house so we could have a large herd of animals, but that's just an abstract thought floating around in my brain right now. :)

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