Okay so I am a TRUE believer that things happen for a reason... If there is ever something I want or want to happen I usually pray... not for it to happen, but that it's meant to happen.  With that said... I'm about to share with you an exciting possibility that we are hoping is something that is meant to be a part of our future. 

Today we spent time driving around the country surrounding where we live, as we like to do often and dream of our future.  Well... we happened to come across a farmhouse for rent!!!  We have yet to even speak with the owners but it really would be the perfect situation.  It's on a little bit of land and it would give us the perfect opportunity to have a large garden and even some chickens!!!  We left a message with the owners and hope we hear from them tomorrow.

Absolutely nothing could come of this... OR it could end up being our home for the next two to three years.  Even as a rental this truly would be a dream come true.  But even if it doesn't happen, I will not be too disappointed because I will believe that it was just something that for a very good reason was not meant to be... but here's hoping it IS meant to be ;).

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