Well folks... we just found out yesterday that we will be going back home to Arizona! This is going to be great for my little family but I still find it bittersweet! I mean... my son wasn't born here in Kansas but he had most of his firsts here!! I'm having a very hard time letting that go!  He took his first steps here, he started talking here... he became a little boy here!  I'm tearing up just thinking about it!!  I have a million pictures and videos so I know I'll be bringing all those memories with me but still!!  What I have to do is take a moment to realize he is still my baby boy and that he has plenty more "firsts" to experience.  It's hard to remember that sometimes... but I've come up with a mini list of firsts to look forward to in Arizona... more words and conversation, first day of school, t-ball, first Karate lesson, etc.  We have a million more memories to make and maybe... just maybe if I'm having baby fever so bad it might be time to put another bun in the oven if you know what I mean ;). 

I'm going to love showing y'all around my home of the desert.  The thing I find most entertaining is when I was younger I used to think you couldn't grow anything in the desert and if I ever wanted a veggie garden, I'd have to live somewhere else.  Well I was way wrong and I can't wait to get back and experience a much earlier Spring harvest next year!!  There are HUGE benefits to being in the desert!!  My father in law actually has the best garden ever!! And I've personally grown some awesome zucchini!!  This past weekend we went blueberry picking and I got a bit sad thinking about how we may not have awesome things like that to do back home but I was wrong! I got on the u-pick website and saw that there are TONS of u-pick farms near and around where we'll live... from peaches to pumpkins!  So exciting!!!! 

Now I wasn't born in Arizona but I lived there since I was 5 years old till we moved here to Kansas.  There is something about being in the place where you're from.  There's an energy to it.... the smells in the air and even in the dirt.  It might sound strange but when you're from the desert... you love all the desert encompasses... from the heat, to the dirt... I love it all.  The same I'm sure goes for everyone and where they are from.  So that's our little family update... we are headed home!  Nothing will change as far as my passions go though... in fact... there's no problem owning chickens where we're going!! YAY!!  However it might still be a while before we own them because we'll still be renting for a bit.  Also... I have to admit... I'm going to LOVE being closer to the coast!!! I mean yeah sure... it's still about 10 or so hours away but pffttt!  That's nothing next to being half way across the country!!!!  I never knew how much I'd miss the ocean even though I never lived anywhere near it!!! LOL!!!  Just knowing that it's a days drive away is comforting... and OH!!! ANOTHER FIRST!!! My son's never been to the ocean!! WAHOOOO!!!!  You better believe you'll eventually be seeing ocean pics on Wordless Wednesdays and our beautiful Arizona mountains of course!!

Since we won't be here much longer... tomorrow we are headed to a Swedish town a few hours away from where we live!  My husband is Swedish so it's going to be SO exciting!!  Back when we were in Arizona I used to subscribe to a Swedish catalog where I'd get holiday trinkets from and come to find out the catalog's store was in Kansas!!!  How ironic is that?!  So look out for some neat pics on my Facebook page tomorrow!! Have a blessed weekend everyone!  MWAH!
12/19/2017 11:37:43 pm

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