Well... when you're the type of person who needs to make a real effort to schedule your days out so you stay organized and get things done... it makes it quite difficult to get back into the swing of things when you're thrown off that schedule for just a few days! 

The visit with my sister was wonderful and of course my mom is still hanging around for a couple of months which is awesome.  I have quite a few projects on my to do list but I'm happy to say that one of them can now be scratched off my list and my husband's honey-do list and that is hanging our clothesline!!!  I'm SOOOOO excited about this!!!  Being from the desert you would think that I would have experience drying my clothes outside but that would be a no and I can't wait to begin doing it this spring! 

I have a few reasons why I'm choosing to line dry this summer... It's going to save energy which means money, I can't stand static in my clothes and I choose not to use chemical dryer sheets to ward it off, It's going to get my son and I outdoors, and mainly... as silly as it may sound... I'm doing it for the fun of it!  For the beautiful nostalgic and vintage sentiment.  Hanging your clothes out to dry on a clothesline in more recent times has been associated with negativity and placed those who chose to do so in a certain socioeconomic class.  However go back just a few decades earlier than that and we are reminded of a simpler time where homemakers took great care of their belongings that were made of quality material made to last for generations. 

Yes it takes more time and effort... and in today's world of course it's easier to just throw the load into the dryer and rush on to the next order of business... but that's where I think some of the problems lie that we face today.  There's no attention to detail anymore... no before thoughts... only after thoughts.  Imagine the planning it took to prepare and wash laundry and then hang them out to dry.  One needed to be in tuned with their family and with themselves... needing to know exactly what was going on in each others lives, to make sure items were prepared and ready.  One needed to be in tune with Mother Earth... making themselves aware of what type of weather she would be bringing within the next week.  What a beautiful connection to have with your surroundings and I know I certainly want more of that connection within myself and within my home.  I couldn't imagine a more beautiful moment... being outside on a quiet sunny day with my son by my side... anxious to help by handing me clothespins one by one as I hang a load of laundry on the clothesline.  It hasn't even happened yet and it's a memory that will forever be in my heart. 

Remember... I'm never on the extreme side of anything and I'm not saying that I'll NEVER user my dryer this Spring and Summer.  I'm sure my husband will tell me at ten o'clock at night one night that he forgot that he needed some article of clothing for some function the next morning.  In fact that's exactly what I'm talking about... it will take a lot more awareness and communication to have what we need and I'll tell you what... I'm a BIG fan of awareness and communication.

So here's to hanging out with my son this season... it's gonna magickal!
2/20/2012 08:49:55 pm

Oh my gosh, you will LOVE your clothesline. I have been using a clothesline for years and I miss when I can't use it during the winter (the clothes just don't dry when it's 30 degrees outside!). Oh, and when I read the part you wrote about not using dryer sheets... I, too, refuse to use dryer sheets for so many reasons. But, when I do have to use my dryer, I use dryer balls. Not sure if you have ever used them, but they work pretty well. Enjoy your clothesline and time with your son! xoxo

2/25/2012 01:19:57 am

Thanks Lindsay!! <3 Which dryer balls do you use?? I've seen so many but want to make sure I get the right ones! Let me know!

2/25/2012 08:37:23 am

We have blue dryer balls that my mother-in-law gave me. I am not sure of the exact brand, but I know they weren't cheap ones (from the dollar store) and not super expensive ones. I think she may have gotten them from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they may have been the original "As Seen on TV" ones. Sorry I'm not of much help - I've had mine for SO many years and love them! I want to make my own dryer balls. Are you friends with Sasha Davis-Siggs from high school (or did you even know her)? She made her own dryer balls a while ago from I think wool. They looked awesome and fairly easy to make... it's just a matter of finding the time to do it. :-)


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