And HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Oh how I've missed you! As I wrote in my last post before taking some time off from blogging, we've had several things going on around our household and family.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays etc.  Things are just now beginning to settle down and although I had every intention on coming back to the blogging world, I must admit I was highly motivated by dear friends of mine asking if I've updated this blog and that they've periodically looked in to see what new things I had posted.  It truly made my heart fill with joy and warmth knowing that I was missed.

So here I am again!  I have so much to share with you!  I am still going to keep my Wordless Wednesdays and Words to Ponder Sundays because we all need a little beauty in our lives both visually and intellectually.  Of course as I type this I realize it IS Wednesday!  Ha!  So no worries... I'll leave you with something pretty at the end... but the "words" are still here. 

So let's talk a bit about what EVERYONE is talking about this time of year... New Year's Resolutions!  I have a handful this year...  they are very important to me, and instead of trying to do them every single day, which of course I would most likely fail at... My approach to my resolutions is to be aware of them and make them a part of me.  This way when a day goes by where I haven't cleaned or said a kind word to my husband, I won't feel like I failed.  What I AM vowing to do on a daily basis is to meditate on the things I want to change in my life.  The more I meditate on these things, the more I'm aware of them and the more likely I am to absorb and accomplish my new way of acting and thinking.  So what are these resolutions of mine?  Here they are in no particular order...
  • Make myself and my marriage a priority again.
  • Connect more with my spirituality
  • Become a Homemaker I can be proud of!
Some of you might be a little confused by my last one.  You may be saying... doesn't this woman have a perfectly clean house, dinner on the table every night, and perfectly well behaved children to where she can accomplish these tasks every day?  I mean she must... look at her blog!  Let me be perfectly honest with you, this is not the life I lead.  This blog is merely a working sketch of what I hope to become.  It's where I come to meditate and where I come to rehearse.  It's both my reality and my fantasy.  And mostly it's my inspiration... because when you, my readers, tell me I've inspired and touched you it motivates me to be better and to do more.  So thanks for sticking around... YOU'RE what makes this blog magickal! 

Here's what's to come... I can't wait!!
A new lotion!
Herbs! Herbs! Herbs!
Recipes of course!
I have TONS of new Favorite Things!
1/4/2012 12:11:19 pm

Yay!! Welcome back!


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