Remember being in Elementary school and they made a huge deal about going to the library... they taught you had to search and find the book you were looking for and how to bookmark the spot on the shelves where you removed the book from so that you could put the book back into it's proper place.  They showed you how to check a book out and put the little stamped card in the front pocket in the book so you remember what date to return it.  I LOVED going to the library but over time after I got older and it stopped being something we did as a group in school, I began to forget about the magic you could find in a library.  I think I stepped into the library at my high school maybe twice... Once to go to the bathroom and another time for a study group.

So yesterday I took my soon to story time at our local library.  We just moved to the town we are living in so it was the first time we had gone to story time... afterward as I was walking out I paused and I decided to turn around and get a library card... I mean why not right?  They're free!  Once I had my card I asked the card giving lady where I could find the cookbooks.  I strolled over to a corner of the library where she had directed me, with my son on my hip shushing him and telling him we're in a library and that we have to be quiet because those are the rules.  I had only one cookbook on my mind... I was doing a random look over of the shelves somewhat forgetting exactly how they were set up... By author?  By title?  And then... there it was!  It beamed.... and was sticking a little bit further out than the other books as though it had shimmied it's way forward a bit so I would not miss it.

As I was walking to the check out counter with my boy one arm and my new borrowed book in the other, I kept thinking.... This is FREE!  I was going to buy this book but I hadn't yet because I was a bit hesitant as to whether I was really going to like it, so this was the perfect solution!  We now have somewhere to go for both my son and myself and it gives you this satisfying shopping experience without the guilt!  So find out where your local library is and pay them a visit! 

~ Be Magical!

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