So I've got lots of stuff going on right now which is keeping me pretty darn busy!!  I'm with family and attending graduations left and right!!  I just got an email letting me know that Weebly now has a mobile app which means I can post from my phone!!  Even still it's gonna be pretty hard to keep up this month but I will do my best!!! 

A quick few updates... I'm not doing the "no poo" currently but not because it wasn't working... it was working GREAT... but I had a large bottle of expensive, toxin free shampoo sitting there staring at me every time I did my no poo rinse.  SO... I decided to finish it up and more than likely I will continue the no poo once my shampoo is all gone.  Or I might even creating my own shampoo who knows!

Something funky is going on with my face and I'm not quite sure what the cause is... I'm breaking out a bit and getting rough patches on my cheeks and I think it is due to a new tinted moisturizer that I started using.  However... during the same time I was also using the oil cleansing method and using a calendula infused grape seed oil as a moisturizer.  SO... I've eliminated all three of those things and I've completely cleared up.  I'm gonna stick to cleansing with honey for now because I know it works and it's a lot quicker than doing the oil cleansing method.  I'll save the oil cleansing method for a deep clean once or twice a week.  I'm going to try using jojoba oil as suggested by Crunchy Betty for a moisturizer but there's a lotion recipe that I've been wanting to make that I think will be a great lotion from head to toe but I just have to get a few ingredients still.

So I'll update when I can!  Now that I have the Weebly mobile app I may make short and sweet updates more often!
5/10/2012 01:27:04 pm

Tell me about the honey cleanser. I've been having breakouts for almost a year now and never did before. Im chalking it up to my aging hormones and have been hunting for anything to try. I use jojoba oil for moisturizer off and on cause after a week or so I breakout.

Linda Leigh @ My Magick Apron
5/10/2012 03:44:35 pm

Hmm... if you break out after using jojoba for moisturizer I probably will too then. I'm pretty sensitive. So I think that rules out any oil for a moisturizer for me. Good to know thanks!! Okay so the honey cleanser.... It's just HONEY :D Of course organic and raw is best... but you can choose to do it SEVERAL ways. You can do straight honey... just apply to the face and massage all over and rinse with water! Voila! Honey has many cleansing properties so it's really all you need! If you need a gentle scrub you can add a teaspoon of cane sugar! You can get a bunch more ideas with using honey from Hope this helps!! <3 Ya!!

11/10/2012 01:53:52 am

Great blog, love the template.


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