Hi all! First I have to apologize for my absence... I actually had no intention of not posting but we've had a fun family filled weekend and beginning of the week!  Our son was extremely happy to see his Auntie, Grandma and cousin... and very sad to see Auntie and cousin go.  But luckily Grandma will be hanging out with us for a while longer. 

I realized this weekend how much I really miss having family around.  My nephew showed great interest in my newly acquired homesteading skills and asked me to show him a few made from scratch recipes, the bagels are his favorite by the way, and is now wanting his own herb garden to add to his favorite pasta dishes.  This made me so proud.  His birthday is soon approaching and although we celebrated a bit early since they were here, I think I might have to send a small basket of goodies that will help him get his own herb garden started and maybe throw in a few cooking utensils since he showed much enthusiasm during his participation. 

I soaked up all the knowledge I could from my dear older sister whose advice I treasure... but I also found myself standing by certain parenting skills that I knew may not fit my sister but are perfect for my little family.  I loved being able to have that balance.  It also reminded me to be open and flexible to new ideas but that it is also okay to stand strong for those you believe and have faith in. 

The thing I am most proud in is that although different ideas and opinions were exchange... no arguing ever commenced.  Remember... in any situation... be it personal or business... take advice given (wanted or not) with a grain of salt and try to understand where the person who is giving the advice is coming from.  Nod your head and smile.  I'm not saying you shouldn't stand up for what you believe in but it is okay to do this in silence.  No one but YOU needs to know most truths.  Be humble... Be kind... and oh yeah...
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