Okay... I want to do... well... everything.  I want to learn more about herbs and make my own lotions, salves, tinctures, and teas, I want to begin canning and making my own preserves, I want to sew and crochet, bake breads... BLOG.  You get the point.  Well... when I get my free time either during nap time or bedtime I find myself switching from so many different tabs on so many different subjects on my computer and I'm constantly just having this flow of information casually float into my brain.  I get wonderful ideas but I'd be surprised if I remember the next morning even a handful of them because of everything I'm trying to do at once.  So I've decided to organize this ambition of mine and designate a day to a certain topic.  I'm also thinking I'll add tabs to my control journal and put all my notes and ideas under the proper categories.  Okay... I'm starting to sound a bit nerdy I know... BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!  I'm LOVING all that I want to do and I don't want to miss a thing! 

So here's sort of a draft of the schedule I'm thinking...
Monday: Canning/Jarring
Tuesday: Baking (I'm talking more about research not the actual baking... I plan on baking every day really)
Wednesday: Herbs
Thursday: Homemade skincare
Fridays: Gardening

Okay so this seems a bit excessive... But I'm still liking it.  I think something like this will keep me from making a bad habit of being on the computer too much in one day.  Once I'm finished researching one topic I won't continue on to the next one that pops inside my head.  I'll have to say nope... today is a day only for this or that so since I'm done I'm done and I'll be able to do more around the house.  Another idea just popped inside my head to put a time limit on my "research" because technically I could still research these topics individually all day long as well.  So let's say...two hours?  That way I'll be able to separate the two hours between nap time and bed time and I'll feel a sort of satisfaction being able to go back to and complete whatever thoughts I had in my head in the second hour that I wasn't able to complete in the first hour.

As I said this is my drafted version of my new schedule... I think it'll help!  I'll make sure to post when I've got it down to science!  Off to the farm with me now!
7/21/2011 02:14:35 am

I had to do the same thing. I used to use OneNote to organize all of my website info. Now I am using Pinterest. Even though it is a little addictive :)


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