In our endeavor to eat fresh wholesome meals and less store bought pre-prepared foods, there is an expected transition period.  Of course we do not want to be wasteful so I am thinking up meals that will use what we already have in our cupboards before refilling them with proper ingredients. 

So tonight I opened up a jar of antipasto spaghetti sauce that had been sitting on our shelves for a while.  Instantly I could smell olives which I am not a fan of... I tried a spoonful.... and nope... It just wasn't gonna happen for me.  Luckily my husband loved it so it did not go to waste but I threw on my apron and whipped up a quick sauce of stewed tomatoes to pour over the already cooked fettuccine.  My toddler had his chicken nuggets and I had a happy little family.  Sometimes you just have to make things happen.

~ Be Magical!

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