One of my favorite childhood memories while growing up is my mother cooking.  She is a wonderful cook... whether following a recipe or conjuring up something on her own (which of course were always my favorite)... she just had a knack for it all.  Cooking, baking, entertaining.... Anything that had to do with her being in the kitchen she was great at.  One specific memory I have... and it's something that she still takes pride in... is the way she presented her dishes.  It's her favorite thing to do.  It didn't matter if it was just us kids and she had a long hard work week (she was a single mom and worked harder and longer than anyone I've ever known) she would still present us with meals delicately placed onto beautiful dishes with a garnish here and there.  ESPECIALLY breakfast... There is something about my mom and breakfast that makes her want to serve it as though she is running a Bed&Breakfast.  Even when she comes to visit... you can fully expect a gorgeous arrangement of treats when you wake up Sunday morning.

I have always enjoyed bringing a meal that I worked hard on to my husband or a guest and watching them taste and enjoy what I've prepared... but to present it in a beautiful way... On a tray, with a flower, a folded napkin... perhaps a miniature salt and pepper shaker for their own personal use... anything at all can bring magick to a meal and it gives me great delight to see the blissful satisfaction of the person eating that meal.  Even if it's just you... why not take the opportunity to dish up a simple meal into a delicious and adorable serving for one.  The other morning my son was napping, my husband was at work and I was ready for my typical breakfast of yogurt, granola and berries.  As I grabbed a little bowl I hesitated for a moment, put the bowl back and went to where I have the glasses and grabbed a little wine glass.  I layered the berries, granola yogurt and grabbed a cute little colorful bowl for my cashews.  What I would have devoured in a few minutes became a delectable parfait which inspired me to sit down and contently take pleasure in my breakfast. 

Take a moment and give this a try.  Whether it's for a dinner party or just for yourself... it could be as simple as serving something up in an unusual way, or even looking online to learn how to fold a napkin in an intricate way.  Consider grabbing some of those adorable ice cube trays that come in different shapes... perhaps hearts or stars.  Be creative and bring some magick into your meals so you can enjoy them with the gratitude and love!

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