So our power went out the other day right before lunch time and we had family visiting.  It of course was back on within a couple of hours but it got me thinking of how we could be prepared for a more serious power outage.  Then I started to get nervous about how we would cope if it happened during the winter time. 

The first thing that came to mind was a wood stove... the simple ones that are for heating your home.  And as I was doing some more research I came across wood burning cooks stoves... PERFECT!  We of course can't have one of these till we have our homestead but it's definitely going under my Front Porch Dreams wishlist.

Imagine having power out for days but still being able put warm supper on the table including freshly baked bread!  It also has the added benefit of warming the room in which you are cooking in during the colder months.  I must admit I didn't know much about cook stoves or wood stoves prior to a few days ago but now that I know a little more... I feel it's a necessary item for our homestead.  After all... what's more important than feeding and keeping your family warm. 

I must admit though for the immediate future I need to do some more research of how we can be more prepared for power outages while living in rentals with no wood burning stoves.  We could always fire up my husband's charcoal grill!  I'll get back to you on that one!

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6/20/2011 02:59:45 pm

Your blog is so beautiful! And I know all about the power outages....you are wise to be researching preparedness on that one! Where we live where we have frequent outages and are usually the last to be turned back on, so we've learned some of the tricks of the trade Thankfully we have a fireplace. And now an outdoor gas stove/oven for canning. But the wood cook stove....that would be something wouldn't it? I have a dear friend with her heart set on one also! Anyhoo...nice to have found your blog! God bless!

6/20/2011 11:21:20 pm

Be Prepared is the boy scout motto. We live on a natural gas site that has a natural feed that I cook with and we burn wood for heat. We only use electricity for lights, gadgets and the water pump. We do have a back up for all these though. Good thing since we lose electricity at least once a week. My in laws have an antique wood cook stove in their JUNK pile and they won't let me have it. I want it! I think it would at least make a cool decoration.

6/21/2011 12:09:47 am

Jennifer ~ Thanks for visiting!! I love your blog as well! A fireplace is definitely something we will require in our next rental... coming from the southwest I never realized how important it is to have one!

PF ~ Aw that stinks they won't let you have the wood cook stove!! I love that you guys are so prepared with all your backup!

Thanks for the comments ladies! :)


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