Okay this is the easiest thing you're ever going to do... Not to mention how healthy you can make it!! I used Ultragrain whole grain flour and it worked GREAT!

1 Cup of flour
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon of salt
olive oil or water

Yup... that's it!  There's two ways to do this... the first way is to put the cup of flour on your bread board or kneading surface, add the salt and kinda blend it with your hands.  Gather it into a heap and then make a large well in the center of the flour all the way down to the bread board.  This is where you will put your two eggs... you can either put them in scrambled already or you can crack them right into the well and scramble them in the well with a fork.  The latter is what worked best for me... the first time I did it I poured the scrambled eggs into the well and it just overflowed like the perfect volcano experiment!  So once I scrambled the eggs in the well with a fork I sort of used the fork to work in a little bit of flour at a time until it was all combined to the point of being able to use my hands.  By the way the OTHER way to do this is just to do it all in a bowl in the same manner so if it overflows it really doesn't matter.  It's just your personal choice... I kinda like the idea of doing it right on the bread board because once you get good at it, that's just one less bowl to clean.  

Moving on... as you begin to knead this lump of dough you'll notice that things just aren't quite right...  you don't want it too sticky and you don't want it too dry... there's no real way I can tell you exactly what to do at this point.  You just need to get a feel for the dough as you are working with it.  I personally added probably about a tablespoon of olive oil (or water) and about a tablespoon of flour to my kneading process.  Once the dough is elastic, non sticky, and just feels good.  Then you know it's ready.  Wrap it up in saran wrap and let it sit for about a half hour.  

After that take the dough, cut it in half and begin rolling it through your roller or if you don't have one that's PERFECTLY okay!  Just get your rolling pin out!  If you do it by hand with a rolling pin I suggest you cut that small dough ball into fourths... that way you don't have to roll out this ENORMOUS sheet of pasta in order to get it to your desired thickness.  Then just take a pizza cutter and slice that pasta sheet in whatever shape you want!!!  

Throw it into a boiling pot of water that has a good pinch of salt in it and boil for only about TWO minutes and then drain!  Your pasta is ready to be eating with just a drizzle of olive oil and herbs or with your favorite sauce!!!! YUUUUUM!!  

One more step... tell EVERYONE on Facebook that you just made your very own homemade pasta from scratch!!!  BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!! YOU DID GREAT!!! :) 

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