I'm gonna love blogging to all of you... I know this now.  Last night after putting my son to sleep, I pulled out the laptop to send a blog out and I just couldn't.  I knew I was getting sick and I was exhausted!  But I so badly wanted to post something... ANYTHING.  I didn't want to go a day without doing some sort of update.  I finally closed the laptop and put it aside... laid down and said to myself... Life happens... what's most import is that I get well so I can take care of my sick little family.  I felt right with this decision... but I did reach over for my phone and sent out a quick update/tweet letting ya'll know I'd be back today "ahh... now I can sleep".  LOL... so y'all can guarantee I'll be blogging much and often but if life happens to... well... happen, at the very least I'll throw an update out for you to see on my sidebar to the right. 

So on the natural cleaning home front I am currently doing research trying to find a laundry detergent.  The problem I'm running into is, I'm trying to find one that is vegan.  "You're vegan!?" you ask?  Well not really... I would probably be if it wasn't for my addiction to sushi but I try and keep it as animal friendly as possible.  I make sure my eggs are USDA certified organic which mandates that they are not only cage free but have access to outdoors and I try my best to make sure companies I buy products from have cruelty-free practices.  But that's another blog for another day, back to the detergent search... I was all for making my own using a combination of washing soda, Borax and pure soap but the safety of Borax is questionable and both Borax and the popular brand of washing soda I have read both test on animals sooo.... I found a detergent brand called Crunchy Clean and sent them an email asking them if they are vegan and I received a same day response of a yes and a smile!  So I think I'll do a bit more research on making my own and if I don't like the information I find then I'll probably go with Crunchy Clean! 

~Be Magical!
"What'd you do different?" my husband said with a mouthful of my green chili cheese enchiladas that I made tonight.  At that moment I looked to the corner of my kitchen where my apron hung and swore it gave a little ruffle... I winked back ;).  I've made my "semi-homemade" enchiladas several times before but there really was something different!  I call them "semi-homemade" because I do not make my own green chili sauce.  I use Las Palmas green chili sauce.  But other than that... they're my homemade enchiladas!

On the babyfront my precious son has caught a cold.  I feel as though I'm being tested.  I wasn't quite prepared with key ingredients to aide in my son's recovery.  I ran out to the store to buy Lavender oil and Tea Tree Oil.  Before bed I ran him a steam bath and let me tell you one drop of each oil will do the trick!  I did three drops of each initally thinking with this big bath tub and this much water one drop probably won't cut it... Well I was wrong.  I had to drain the tub and air out the little bathroom and start over.  It was completely overpowering and definitely too much for my little one.  So one drop each did it and all three of us squeezed into this tiny bathroom, my son on my lap sitting on the lid of the commode and my husband cross legged on the floor and we sang silly songs as we let the steam loosen up all that yucky mucus that is causing such havoc in my poor little one's nose and throat.  So far he is sleeping well thank goodness although it took a bit to initially get him down. 

While I'm on the subject I want to add that although I am very passionate about using natural ingredients for both the home and the body I am also an avid believer in modern medicine as well.  That may be a contradiction to some and I know a few individuals who would tell me I can't have it both ways.  I humbly disagree.  I am not one to be on the extreme side of anything.  I vaccinate according to the AAP and I give Tylenol when necessary... but I also treat congestion with steam and essential oils, use broth for a sore throat and believe that love is the absolute best prescription of all. 

~Be Magical!

P.S. Don't worry... Tomorrow I'm posting pics and the recipe to my "Mmm... Good batch babe!" Enchiladas!
In our endeavor to eat fresh wholesome meals and less store bought pre-prepared foods, there is an expected transition period.  Of course we do not want to be wasteful so I am thinking up meals that will use what we already have in our cupboards before refilling them with proper ingredients. 

So tonight I opened up a jar of antipasto spaghetti sauce that had been sitting on our shelves for a while.  Instantly I could smell olives which I am not a fan of... I tried a spoonful.... and nope... It just wasn't gonna happen for me.  Luckily my husband loved it so it did not go to waste but I threw on my apron and whipped up a quick sauce of stewed tomatoes to pour over the already cooked fettuccine.  My toddler had his chicken nuggets and I had a happy little family.  Sometimes you just have to make things happen.

~ Be Magical!
My inspiration for beginning this blog came from a list my family and I made one night at the dinner table.  We had named this list "Things we no longer have to buy".  It was a list of only three things...